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In Memory of a Legend, Keith Flint

In memory of a legend, the late singer of the band The Prodigy, who sadly took his own life in 2019. I loved painting this as a tribute to a man who made so many dance.. one of the biggest pleasures of life. I sold prints of the painting to raise money for MIND charity, a charity for mental health. I raised over £1500. I saw The Prodigy perform in 2009, I’m a big fan, I have also sadly lost many friends to suicide. I did this painting for all of them and to remind us that we are all so vulnerable as humans, even those who appear on top, we will always try to be there for each other but when we can’t it’s really important that charities like MIND exist.

CATEGORY: Painting on Canvas

MEDIA: Spray Paint / Acrylic

YEAR: 2019