The interesting thing about paint is that you can create your own universe and visual language that still references real life and existing imagery. Bam-Bam transforms spaces and surfaces with patterns, designs and shapes.  Sharing her creations with the world, Bam-Bam paints publicly as a performance of exchange.  Whether it’s a mural, street art, commission or collaboration Bam-Bam enters the practice with an open mind and an appreciation of flow.  Each piece is an evolution and exploration of what works visually. Painting on large scale is a hugely active and energetic experience, it is essentially a dance. Immensely inspired by music and movements Bam-Bam’s visual expressions are planned but also adaptable and intuitive. She uses spray-paints, hand painting, body painting, stencil making and printing to create her works.

Bam-Bam often adapts different characters whilst painting, with costumes and personas, to become fully immersed in what she is creating. She combines traditional and contemporary styles with a frequent use of geometric patterns. Creating large-scale psychedelic imagery that evokes a sense of fantasy, freeing the mind from the constraints of the real world and allowing the imagination to flow.

From her paintings Bam-Bam has also developed these designs into wearable art and décor, not only can you look at the paintings, you can become part of them.



Collaboration print project with Indonesian wood-cut print artist Gracka

GRACKA print collab project NEWS pic

Collaboration with the fabulous costume designer@jackalopeland.

Jackalopeland news pic

Bam-Bam instagram takeover for Bridgeman Editions.  A limited edition print company based in London, New York and Europe. June 2021 @bridgemanstudio @bridgemanartists

Bridgeman editions news pic

Big THANK YOU to everybody who donated and supported Edible London’s One Million Meal Plan! We raised £20,639 in total (more than double the target amount) towards Edible London’s charitable project. This money raised means that Edible London can keep distributing food to those most vulnerable in London, and continue their work regenerating disused urban spaces into community growing spaces and providing sustainability workshops for youth in London. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this amazing program, and congratulations to Sam who won the painting!!!

Edible Londo Crowdfunder

In solidarity with Edible London and the amazing work that are doing in London during the pandemic, I have donated my portrait of the fabulous singer, Joy Crookes. Any donation over £5 to Edible London’s Crowdfunder Project over the next month will not only go to support their vital, sustainable community food service project, but will also enter you into a drawing held on the 16th of April, where one contributor will win my original painting. (More info on the piece here.)

Special thanks Jasmine Desilva for photo above.

Joy Crookes Auction